Tom and Jenny's fishing reports and stories.

04/30/2006 - First fishing trip of the year, trout season opened on the 29th. We went up to Putah Creek right below Lake Barryessa.  Water was running a bit fast, but Tom and Jen hooked a nice trout each.  Jen landed an 11" rainbow trout on salmon eggs and a slidding sinker.  Tom lip hooked a 14" rainbow on salmon eggs with split shot but it got unhooked near shore.  We did see a few people who had hooked some small bass, but mostly we saw a lot of trout including a huge one hooked near rapids on a nightcrawler.  We found the most luck at fishing spot #3 (see fishsniffer map)

11/5/2005 - Fished San Pablo Bay with anchovies and sliding sinkers near China Camp in San Rafael, as tide was high and falling, no bites, a few snags, and one chomped bait. Caught nothing.

     - November Lake Merced Report. See "Friends of Lake Merced" for more info.

9/16/2005 - Some Shasta fishing photos taken by Jason have been added to my photos area. Just click on "2005-06-12 Lake Shasta".

8/15/2005 - Bill reports that the constant dogs off-leash at Water Dog Lake in Belmont make going there to fish not even worth it anymore. Tom's 'gigantic' rockfish on a Sabiki rig 8/6/2005

8/6/2005 - Pacifica Pier - We took Jenny's Grand-Uncle out to Pacifica, Jenny hooked a huge crab but it dropped off on the way up.  Forgot to pickup my Uncle's crab net he left for us!  Tom hooked a "gigantic" rockfish on a Sabiki rig --->

7/17/2005 - Pacifica Pier - Jenny caught and released some small Kingfish and Surf Perch, and a rock crab. Tide was incoming. Saw a guy catch a Thresher shark, and he cleaned it at the station near us which was exciting.

7/4/2005 - Pacifica Pier - Tide was on its way out so we didn't catch anything but a great view of everyone's fireworks as the sun went down. Parking lot was pretty crazy as we were tying to leave, though.

6/14/2005 - Apparently, Water Dog Lake in Belmont is jumping... Bill reported catching 2 bass and 2 crappie on flies.

6/9-6/12/2005 - Lake Shasta and Upper Sacramento River - Tom was camping and fishing with his cousins. Weather was beautiful except for a couple of showers and muggy weather Friday. Trolling didn't produce much. Wakes from speedboats made electric trolling motor have difficulty. We tried trolling with gas but couldn't go slow enough. Our campsite neighbor was catching 4-6 trout a day trolling Chartreuse and Red Rapalas. He deep fried some pieces and gave us some tasty nibbles. Tom caught a 6" bass on a crawler. Jay caught a nice 18" rainbow on a cricket in the Upper Sac. Jonathan caught a couple small ones that got away, and Kevin caught one (all on crickets). Tom got tired of losing his crickets and spending 5 minutes each re-baiting... so he switched to flies with a casting bobber but got skunked. Absolutely beautiful up there, though.

5/27-5/30/2005 - Sacramento R. Delta / Steamboat Slough - Camping and fishing at Snug Harbor with the family all Memorial Day weekend. Saturday was cloudy and windy, with high choppy waves on the river. Jen and Tom fished the harbor from the docks and didn't get anything, except Jenny immediately continued her reputation as the CarpMaster and pulled in another 24" Crap, I mean Carp.. Jen, Tom, Uncle Greg and Junior went out on the boat on the Harbor for a time and Tom caught and released a 7" Mud Cat on a pile worm just past the docks toward the slough opening. Pictures here (click on "2005-05-29 Delta Camping & Fishing").

Sunday morning was clear with a little breeze. Fantastic water on the slough. We went out on the boat around noon in the middle of the slough off the swim beach, bottom fished with pile worms and anchovies, and caught and released a couple of 6" Striper. Tom pulled in a 19" Striper on a pile worm. Filleted it, and foil wrapped it on the BBQ for 15 minutes with Lemon Olive oil and fresh basil, oregano, and parseley and it was fantastic. Uncle Greg and Junior continued to C&R 6" Stripers, while Jen and Zofia proceeded to catch a number of Panfish, a couple of 6" Pike and couple more 6" Mud Cats all on crawlers, Jen from the bottom and Zofia from a bobber. Zofia caught most of her Perch between the dock and shore.

On Monday morning the weather was beautiful again, and we took the boat out again. We must have caught and released 20 6" Striper the same way, and Uncle Greg got a 19" but he let it go as he had too much packing to do when we got back to take time to fillet "such a small one".

5/30/2005 - Lake Merced Report - earlier report that E-coli levels were to high for recreation has been confirmed to be in error. The lake is fine for recreational contact. See "Friends of Lake Merced" for more info.

5/24/2005 - Water Dog Lake - Rumor has it that it's full and clear, and that a bass was nearly caught on a fly pulled toward shore, but it spooked away before biting. Haven't been up there to see if it's true.

5/14/2005 - Lake Del Valle - Nice late morning, very windy after noon (as usual), water was a little muddy. Went across from boat launch and just a little north, dropped lines with nightcrawlers. Jenny immediately hooked up a 20" carp that had to weigh at least 5lbs. Got it to the boat as her rod was bending almost in half. Too big for net, tried to get it into boat but it finally worked itself off the hook. Later moved to along shore a little more north and Jenny brought in a nice 14" rainbow. Tom caught/released a 6" rainbow. Jenny broiled up the 14" rainbow with oil, herbs, lemon slices, salt and pepper (about 6" from coil for 8min each side). Very nice. Unfortunately, batteries were too low on the snapshot camera.

    We caught: 20" carp, 14" rainbow, 6" rainbow(C&R)
    we saw caught: at least 6 rainbow

4/2005 - Lake Chabot - Nice day, a little windy in afternoon (as usual), water was muddy. Couple of stolen nightcrawlers and that's all.

   We caught:  sun and ZZZZs
   We saw caught:  a few trout
    By the way, the word is that the earlier mentioned Lake Merced Report may have had too strict of standards applied when it reported that e-coli levels were too high... however, I think we'll wait for further news before handling the water or anything in it.

3/26/2005 - Pacifica Pier - The weather was high clouds or haze, but warm and very little wind. Waves were nice, water was dirty with garbage floating in it, before tide got low it was full of seaweed as well. Got out there just after high-tide peak. Phil tried a crab snare, and I had prawn pieces on double-hook leader. Tom got nibbled, but didn't get anything hooked, much less brought in. Phil brought up 3 or 4 crab, but lost them at the surface. When we got there, our spot was well beyond the waves' breaking point. Left about 6pm and most waves were breaking right under us. Nice day, though, lots of people but not too crowded, again.

  We caught:
      Nada, skunked again.
  We saw caught:
      a number of surfperch (incl. a "huge" one), one nice-sized crab (looked
      like the guy hooked its claw or something) and a couple other crab.

3/5/2005 - Pacifica Pier - The weather was sunny and clear. We were there from about noon until 5pm, and found a perfect spot just before the waves were breaking. Many people, but not crowded. By 5pm people started squeezing us in a little, so, feeling crowded (and feeling done), we left. We probably could have moved and been fine. Jenny lost a weight-leader setup snagged on a piling, so she decided to walk back up the block to the bait shop and picked herself up a crab snare to try on her pole. Had fun trying to catch one of the buggers she felt picking at her squid bait, but she was pretty well skunked for the day (except the one 11" croaker I insist she caught with my pole).

  We caught:
   2 white croakers @11"
   1 white croaker @6" c&r
   1 surf perch @5" c&r
  We saw caught:
   1 leopard shark @18"
   4-5 white croakers and a couple of surf perch
   2 rock crabs @6"
We kept the 11" croakers and stuffed them with parsely and spices, covered in corn-flake crumbs. Baked them on foil for about 15min at 500deg and picked at them as an appetizer. Nice texture, mild flavor, but pretty bony.

March 2005 Friends of Lake Merced report: e-coli levels too high for recreational use :(

7/12/2004 - Jen at Lake Merced with a carp(?) that she tail-hooked with a minnow lure off the north lake fishing pier Summer 2004 - small crappie c&r by Tom on minnow lure in reeds behind North beach fishing dock at Lake Merced (north)

5/2004 - Delta - Steamboat Sl. - Caught and released a tiny perch.

10/2003 - Lake Del Valle - Caught a small panfish on a nightcrawler from a rowboat near shore on West side across and a little north from docks. Unfortunately, he swallowed the hook and Tom tried too hard to get the hook out. Wouldn't have survived. Made a nice appetizer to pick at after pan-frying over camp fire covered in triscuits and seasoning, before our hotdogs and beans were done.

7/2003 - Engelbright - Jenny caught a nice sized rainbow trout while trolling with Uncle Greg, Ralph, and I.